Travel Tips for Backpacking Iran


Inside Iran Special

After backpacking through Iran we tell you some of our Iran travel tips in this video and provide many more information for preparing your own trip on my blog. ➸ Iran Guide:…

 After showing you around the sights and attractions in Iran in my Video Series I want to give you some tips and insights about traveling Iran independently in this episode. For this I sat down with my buddy David in a Café in Shiraz during our trip and answered some of the most frequent questions we got. Of course we only covered a few topics with out iran travel tips in this session, there are many more essential tips and insights you need to be aware of before backpacking in Iran. Make sure to check out the related guide to come prepared! This video is part of „Inside Iran“ – a documentary series introducing you to popular and unknown sights / things to do in Iran as well as the Persian cuisine and the super friendly locals we met on our trip from Tehran to Isfahan, Shiraz and Yazd. With this series I want to create a better understanding of the country and it’s people without focussing on politics or religion.


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